TouchingElephant Fighting off Hyenas

The elephant is seen charging at the hyenas to ward them off its offspring. (Photo by Jayesh Mehta/Caters News)

Elephant fights off hyenas to save baby. “This is the incredible moment an elephant came to the rescue of one of its babies being attacked by a pack of hyenas. The elephant is seen charging at the hyenas to ward them off its offspring. The photos were captured by American photographer Jayesh Mehta, 47, in the Savuti region of the Chobe National Park in Botswana”. Photo: The elephant is seen charging at the hyenas to ward them off its offspring. (Photo by Jayesh Mehta/Caters News)

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TouchingAdonna Khare and Her Pencil

Adonna Khare and her Pencil

Originally hailing from a small town in Iowa, Adonna Khare was this year’s recipient of the Art Prize 2012 for her amazingly detailed large-scale pencil on paper works. All of Khare’s work evolve naturally without much pre-planning, essentially building her pieces as she continues to work.

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FunnyThanksgiving Special By Hannah Rothstein

 Thanksgiving Special By Hannah Rothstein

What not to like here? It is Thanksgiving today and San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein transposes Thanksgiving dinners as plated by famous artists throughout history.

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WowEcocapsules By Nice Architects

Ecocapsules By Nice Architects

A Slovakian company has designed an egg-shaped and cozy micro-home that should work ideally for anybody who wants to “go off the grid” and “live off the land” – the Ecocapsule.

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Touching“Jumpology”. Part 2

“The end”. (Photo by Rick Smith)

“The end”. (Photo by Rick Smith)

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WowGrowing Solid Wooden Furniture By Gavin Munro

Growing Solid Wooden Furniture By Gavin Munro

U.K.-based company Full Grown offers a simpler, more eco-friendly way to manufacture wooden furniture with their forest of chairs and tables.

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WowOrigami By Hoang Tien Quyet

Undercats By Sebastian Magnani

Vietnamese artist Hoang Tien Quyet produces curved paper forms using a difficult technique known as wet-folding. This adds an element of sculpture to the work, making Hoàng’s origami animals truly remarkable. Too little water and the paper dries before the folding is done; too much water, and the paper will rip.

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FactFake Сrippled In China

Fake Сrippled In China

Low economic conditions in China’s urban areas have sparked an increase of beggars faking disabilities in an attempt to gain more money. Cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong are littered with naive tourists who are more than willing to hand over a few yen to anyone appearing to be handicapped in anyway.

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